Thanks for coming!!
My name is Elizabeth Goad. I am happily married to Jason Goad and I have five very beautiful and amazing children. I started Goad A La Mode cakes last year when I made a football helmet cake for the superbowl. My husband said "Why in the world are you doing this? WHAT GUY eats cake at a superbowl party??" But, really I was just seeing if I could make a professional looking cake. I have to say, it was a big hit! Did anyone eat it? Well, no. But, everyone that night at work loved it! Ever since then, I have used my children's birthday cakes as practice. I made my very first batch of buttercream for my son's Bakugan cake.....

Yeah, Arkansas is not the place to have the typical all-butter buttercream in the summertime. At least, not without five pounds of powdered sugar to keep it thick. (No worries..I have changed this and that to make the buttercream perfect) I then started taking some orders for some friends and family..and now I'm a stay at home mom during the day, and a baker by night. How blessed am I??? Now, I have almost five to six orders a weekend! And now my worry isn't if the buttercream will melt off, it's if I can find a spot to put all of the cakes in the fridge!!! Feel free to browse through my photo albums..and think of me for your next event :)
Thanks and God Bless